Grip Equipment Hire

Atom Grip Services have a complete grip equipment hire inventory and can supply all your grip equipment needs for any project.

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Grip Equipment List

Plus additional equipment...
O'Connor 2575 Head£160.00Bungee Rig£150.00
Ronford F4 Fluid Head£100.008' Track Ronford£30.00
Ronford F7 MK IV (Q/R)£120.006' Track Ronford£22.50
Rock & Roller£120.004' Track Ronford£15.00
Halo Rig£45.002' Track Ronford£7.50
Tango Swing Head£60.00Track Run Up£7.50
Egripment Gimble (Leveling Head)£35.00Dolly Lifting Bars£20.00
SSE Gimble (Leveling Head)£35.00Large Curves£25.00
Moy Bazooka£100.00Appleboxes UK£20.00
Ronford Bazooka£120.00Appleboxes US£20.00
Bazooka Wind-Up£80.00Ozzy Decks£20.00
GFM Large Gas Riser£80.00Gate Legs£20.00
GFM Small Gas Riser£80.00Grips Box£20.00
Tall & Short Legs (Moy)£65.00Pags£20.00
Ronford Extra Spreaders£20.00Flat Packing£20.00
Wire Spreaders£20.00Tracking Boards 8' x 4'£10.00
Off-Ground Lockable Spreaders£35.00Inside Track Boards 8' x 2'£10.00
Large Ladderpod£120.00Rolling Spyder Kit - Ultimate£60.00
Low Hat£20.00Matthews Doorway Dolly£60.00
High Hat£20.00Track Wheels for Doorway Dolly£25.00
TRI Hat£35.0032 Wheel Skate Troffs£60.00
Low Rocker£60.00Skate Board Dolly£60.00
Steady Bag£20.00Matthews Western Dolly£80.00
Steady Bag Pump-Up£20.00Egripment Mini Jib Arm£120.00
Cine Saddle£20.00Boa Bags£5.00
Grovel Pads£5.00Shot Bags£5.00
Furni Blankets£5.00Magic Arm Kit£20.00
Twin Tube Paddlemount£35.00Lock Off Kit£35.00
Ronford Sliding Tongue - 42"£120.00G Clamp Kit£20.00
Slider Support Kit£20.00Cardalinni Kit£20.00
Moy to Moy Adjustable Bracket£35.00Truss Starter Kit£20.00
90 Degree Plate£35.002" Starter Kit£20.00
Z Plate£35.00Ratchet Strap Kit£20.00
Rotating Moy to Moy£120.00Set of Brothers Lifting Kit£20.00
Bolt to Boss£20.00Crane Lifting Strops Kit£35.00
World Cup£20.00Pullys & Rope Access Kit£100.00
Offset Bowl£20.00Rigging Harness Safety Kit£65.00
Moy To Boss£20.00Heavy Duty Tube Rigging Kit£250.00
Panther Combi Set£60.00Standby Grip Rigging Kit£35.00
Rotating Offset£60.002 Tier Stage Barrow£35.00
Dolly to Lighting Spigot Adaptor£20.00Magliner - Senior£35.00
Dolly to Scaff Adaptors£20.00Magliner - Junior£35.00
Scaff To Moy Plate£20.00Flat Stage Barrow£35.00
Scaff to Battery Plate£20.00Dolly Covers£5.00
Ronford Base Plates£20.00Tarpaulin£5.00
Ronford Snap Plates£35.00Umbrella£15.00
Adjustable Scaff Riser£35.00Eze-up 1.5m x 1.5m (black)£45.00
3-Way Leveller£35.00Eze-up 3m x 3m (black)£95.00
Ronford Hand Held Kit£40.007" dolly monitor - HD£35.00
Hand Held Shoulder Pad£5.00Digital Inclinometer£120.00
Moy Jolly Pod£35.00Power Tools£35.00
Eze Rig£120.00Portable Geni£35.00
Get the PDFDownload the Equipment List as a PDF